October 12, 2016 by Kelvin Gallivanting, Hobby 0

Happy Birthday my Dear

Happy Birthday my Dear

To celebrate my wife’s birthday, we had a staycation over at Sentosa. This is an opportunity to go take an additional half day off and take a breather though the Friday afternoon and weekend.

We did nothing much. And it felt great! We I am such a slacker.

For the first time, we tried iFly, the indoor skydive simulator. It was fun to try to float around. I didn’t get the hang of it to control my flight in my 2 dives though.

We also tried out the Flow Rider at Wave House. We kept falling down. Although me thinks this is more fun for bucks compared to the iFly experience.

But wife does not think so as she literally got more bangs onto the ground from the floorboard. I felt the pain when I saw her bang her head on the floor. OUCH. Neck massages with the Tiger Balm ointment for her at home for the past 2 days.

I was able to learn to stay on the board for a moment after hitting the deck a few times.

Grabbed some photos as we walked around Sentosa Island.

The birds on this island are not skittish. So I was able to grab a this picture of the bird with the long end of the telephoto lens without much cropping.

As we walked around the grounds of Resorts World, we noticed crowd had thinned out compared to about 1 or 2 years ago.

Last morning, I wanted to wake up to scout for any opportunities for sunrise shots. Unfortunately, I woke to the sounds of the thunder. I anticipated and managed to grab this shot of a lightning bolt.

No sun rise, but I caught the storm in a good way.