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Out with the old, In with the New

The new is the Nikon DSLR D7200. Well, the D7200 is already out on shelves for a year and half. So technically not that new. While I was standing in the camera shop and talking to the sales person, I was contemplating between the Olympus family of EM1 or EM5 MK II, wait longer for the Fuji XT-2, or a normal DSLR, which will be Nikon. My old is the Nikon D40, which I sold it off with the kit lens. Not sure if that was a good idea as the 18-55mm (no VR) was still of use. but anyway I sold it off as a set. I also have a Nikon 35mm f1.8 DX on hand still, which I love. Balancing between not trying to look pro (size of the camera), level of interest and of course, the size of the hole in my pocket, I went with the D7200. The mirrorless systems will make my hole in the pocket twice as large with a higher grade of lens. Of course D7200 with some better lens will cost about the same. But at least I have the 35mm now, which I can actually use a fair bit, as shown in the one-lens trip to […]

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Synonology Download manager

I love the Synology Download Manager. I was trying to download the Microsoft office for work. The fibre connection in office is slow and problematic. What was a 2.3GB file always end up as 1GB end of download in office. I didn’t even bother trying after once. I got the download link, fired up the download manager in Synology’s DSM6 I entered the URL in and it is making use of my home’s faster, more stable internet connection to finish the job

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Citect SCADA Alarm/Trend & Modnet

A client engaged me onsite to troubleshoot their Citect SCADA installation. I saw they had few problems. 1. Client station could not see alarms and trends 2. Intermittent communications with some IO Devices Of course they had some other problems but those could be solved by diving into the graphics and cicode, so I shall not bother. They had a very peculiar setup. 1. Redundant IO Servers, which the secondary is out of action, leaving only 1 server 2. Different software version on server ( Citect Facilities 7.1 SP3) & client ( Citect Facilities 7.0 SP2) 3. IO devices were mainly via ethernet, but goes through ethernet-serial convertor, coupled with a few stations running on modem as well. Problem 1, i had guessed that it could be due to the different version of software. I checked through the project configuration and it looks similar. Network is established between server and client. I checked through the syslog.dat to discover that there were errors of the server refusing connection, with a hint of system parameter AllowLegacyConnections to be set. I added the entry [LAN]AllowLegacyConnections to true. It solved problem 1 instantly. But recommendation would still be to use same version for both […]

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What’s the password

I came across the list of Gizmodo’s 25 Most Popular Password. I saw one familiar one which I used to use in the development environment as a software developer. With many online accounts to login to and keep track of it is inevitable that humans go the lazy way of using all same passwords for every site. I used to do that too. But the last few years, there have been scams related with hacked social platforms. I find that in the end is you got hacked, but your friends or relatives will pay the price literally if they got scammed from the incident. Most common story is they will masquerade as you and ask for money/gift cards. To ensure I do my utmost to protect the people in my social platform, I started using secure passwords I do not even remember myself. At first, I used a same base with added difference between different sites and platforms. Eventually I got confused too. I ended up with 1Password. Well even though there are the story of Kevin Ross and the hackers who defeated the security of his password management tool, we try our darndest. No security is really 100% as […]

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August 23, 2015 by Kelvin Chan Stuff 0

Impulse Apple Buy

A friend pinged me in a group chat about a white Apple Sports Watch she wants to sell away. I mentioned if it was black, I would consider it. She dropped her price and told me to go get a black sports band on my own. I was feeling kind of emotional after writing something up to share about my daughter, Kaelyn who passed away exactly 4 months ago. I have the half thought of how the Apple Watch will work as a health device for me. I guess I was up for anything to try to feel better. I OK-ed the deal. Nope. It didn’t make me feel good. I have used it for third day. These are my brief observations. Battery life I didn’t run out of juice on the watch while out and about. I’ve put on my watch at 8am. It is 10pm as I am writing this. Battery is at 55%. Lesser iPhone screen time I find that I take the phone out of my pocket much lesser. I can take a quick glance to see what messages came in. I can ignore those that don’t require immediate attention or work on those that demand […]

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