December 2, 2015 by Kelvin Chan Hobby 0

Water clouds the RES

Over the Sunday, I change the water of my RES turtle tank.I think I was overenthusiastic about changing the water. I had clear water in the tank on Sunday. But on Monday the water started to turn cloudy. What I learnt from the aquarium forums was that my cleaning have cleared out the good bacteria which breaks down the compound that causes the cloudiness(nitrates, ammonia etc), if accumulated is not too good for the living turtles. I resisted not doing anything about the water as this could be the case of a lack of good bacteria clearing out the nitrates. I needed to give the good bacteria time to develop and clear the mess. Could take days until up to a week. I woke up to a tank of clear water on Wednesday morning. Awesome job good bacteria. I will take a snapshot of the cloudiness next time if it happens again.

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August 28, 2015 by Kelvin Chan Hobby 0

Turtle Power

This what I have been busy mostly lately. Yes. I have been busy with the turtles. This is the humble abode of Kiwi & Ninja, my pet turtles. Kiwi and Ninja were initially meant as pets for my girl. They first came in a small simple no frills plastic tank. In like 5 months time, they kind of outgrown the plastic fish tank. I had them upgraded to a larger glass tank with space to swim around. But with a larger tank comes with other problems like changing water. There’s more water and you cannot lug the tank with so much water. I I have been experimenting with different filters, trying to learn how to keep the water clear for the dear turtles. I am currently using the Eheim 150. It is stored nicely under a cupboard which I scored from my wife’s cousin’s husband’s brother (Not sure I can link somemone even further than this) Then last weekend I went little over board with changes. As adviced by the local pet shop, I added volcanic stones as my bio filter into my canister filter to supplement my mechanical wool filter. I added a new floating platform and driftwood into […]

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