February 9, 2016 by Kelvin Gallivanting 0

Overseas Shopping Woes

Now I understand why Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg simplified their wardrobe. The decision of does this goes well with what does take up some processing power. Add to the modern day overseas shopping method for people of snapping a photo, waiting for acknowledgement of the model , back and fro with that zaps my strength even if I am just waiting around. #firstworldproblem

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November 15, 2015 by Kelvin Chan Gallivanting 0

Out of SG to Hong Kong Day 1

Hong Kong is a trip my wife and i have booked months ago. It was just in time as a birthday trip for her. We just booked tickets and accommodations months ago. No concrete itinerary. This was going to be my first trip with just the 2 of us after a long time. But still I don’t make plans. I just name the possible places of interest and that’s it. Where we go and when will depend on the weather and mood at that time. Our, or rather, my plan is just go there and #lookseelooksee. Eat when hungry. Drink when thirsty. No schedule. No trains to catch. No ferry timing to meet. Just avoid queuing. Timing of the travel seems about right as Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia suffers from what was going to be one of the more prolong haze season from forest burning in Indonesia. We can escape from the haze, I thought to myself. The flight was uneventful. I caught Mad Max on the way to Hong Kong, and it made me want to catch the rest of the Mad Max series. Customs was uneventful. That’s what to expect when we are not smuggling anything. After clearing […]

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August 18, 2015 by Kelvin Chan Gallivanting 0

Jakarta Visit

I haven’t make a trip to the Indonesia capital for at least 5 years. Last week, I had the chance to go over there to visit some friends. These are some of my observations in this trip. The last time I’ve been to Jakarta was about 6 years ago. Old Batavia This time round, my friend brought me to the Old Batavia area for a quick look. I didn’t know Jakarta has a touristy side. I went down to Sunda Kelapa and had a look at the ships that makes trips to the more remote islands of Indonesia without a major port. On Arrival I arrived at the terminal 3. Had to take the shuttle bus from runway to arrival hall in the terminal building This terminal seems new and clean. The last time I came in, the immigration officer asked for my visa, or pay for a fine, which isn’t required for my country of origin. Just another method to line their own pocket. This time there wasn’t. My dad traveling together also remarked that the immigration asking for money has indeed gone down drastically . Its definitely a good thing. The immigration is one of the first locals […]

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