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Happy Birthday my Dear

To celebrate my wife’s birthday, we had a staycation over at Sentosa. This is an opportunity to go take an additional half day off and take a breather though the Friday afternoon and weekend. We did nothing much. And it felt great! We I am such a slacker. For the first time, we tried iFly, the indoor skydive simulator. It was fun to try to float around. I didn’t get the hang of it to control my flight in my 2 dives though. We also tried out the Flow Rider at Wave House. We kept falling down. Although me thinks this is more fun for bucks compared to the iFly experience. But wife does not think so as she literally got more bangs onto the ground from the floorboard. I felt the pain when I saw her bang her head on the floor. OUCH. Neck massages with the Tiger Balm ointment for her at home for the past 2 days. I was able to learn to stay on the board for a moment after hitting the deck a few times. Grabbed some photos as we walked around Sentosa Island. The birds on this island are not skittish. So I was able to grab a this picture […]

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Visit to Sungei Buloh

A Sunday afternoon without any appointments or errands to run beckons a visit to the park at the other corner of Singapore. Lately my wife and I have been keen to take walks. So why not explore places we’ve never been before. We decided to visit the Sungei Buloh Wetland reserves. My mum and sister came along too as they have never been here before too. The wetland reserves are located along Neo Tiew Crescent. Altogether the trails are about 3.5km, with the migratory bird trail almost 2km. We took the migratory bird trail first and spent about an hour there watching the birds from the hides, climbing the Aerie Tower and attempted to take some photos of the wildlife. It is a very good getaway from the city to a place where it is left as much to nature as  possible. We even had a 2m long monitor lizard in our path. The monitor lizards are huge here. I also knew that people come here to photograph birds. I brought along my camera with the 55-300mm lens to take the opportunity to try photographing birds. I learnt that 300mm don’t seem long enough Patience is required to sit at a location for hours Birds in flight are fast […]

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Visit to Tsukiji Market

Tsukiji market is often touted as a must visit. So we did. However we didn’t do the early morning 4-5am tuna auctions. We are just too slack for that. Getting there is pretty easy. Look for Tsukiji station on the Hibiya Line. 2-3 minutes. Although it’s an attraction for tourist, Tsukiji market is still where legit business takes place. I would think it is mainly for seafood. This market is a hive of activities by the time we arrived. The workers are transporting their ware up and down the streets in carts. Tourists are all around. One would have to look out for these carts moving around. It’s crowded. I don’t really like crowd. But i can do it here. Why? Street food. That’s why. I love their mochi. Grill scallops Fresh oysters Beef Stew & Beer in the morning. Why not? I’m on vacation. Just go take part in the bustle. Enjoy the food or dried snacks that’s all around the outer market. Catch the rest of the Tokyo trip photos here

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Visit to Meiji Jingu

We started out the second day in Harajuku to visit Meiji Shrine (明治神宮, Meiji Jingū). The Meiji Temple, a Shinto shrine dedicated to the deified spirits of Emperor Meiji and wife, Empress Shoken. It is about 3-5 minutes walk from Harajuku Station. The shrine is not there the moment you see the signboard about the shrine. It is actually about another 10 minutes walk. There is a very wide pathway, as wide as about 3 lane road, with forest lining both sides of the path, that leads you to the actual shrine. The cooling morning, slow stroll along the green forest, listening to the rustling of the tree leaves just relaxes you. This path seems to be preparing you to get into the moment before you reach the actual shrine.    Along the way, we see barrels of sake were stacked and placed. They were offered to the enshrined dieties by members of the Meiji Jingu Zenkoku Shuzo Keishinkai (Meiji Jingu Nationwide Sake Brewers Association) as a way of showing respectfor the souls of Emperor Meiji and wife, Empress Shoken.   An open courtyard just before the shrine itself dampens the crowdiness effect from the visitors.    While the rest of the […]

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May 27, 2016 by Kelvin Gallivanting 1

Tokyo Trip Day 1

Was off for an 8 days trip to Tokyo with my wife and in-laws. Most part of day 1 are spent on the plane. 7 hours to be more exact. Fast and uneventful check out from the Narita Airport Terminal 1 immigration. This is good. No one wants to be touched by customs officers. Except if they are family. Or lover. We paid for the Airport Limo bus to Tokyo station. We then got our data SIM Card. 1.5GB for seven days at 3500yen. This data SIM card does not allow hotspot access. So sharing it is out. We contemplated between getting a WIFI router (for approximately 1200yen per day) and a data SIM card. The cheapo in us prevailed, and also not all of us need Internet access to survive. So just one SIM Card will do. You can get WIFI Router from Changi recommends for $8 per day for Japan. But you probably need to reserve it early. We tried to get it 1 day before. Sorry. All units are out. Uneventful ride to Tokyo station. We didn’t want to figure out the subway yet, so we took a hike to our hotel Hotel Villa Fontaine, 800m away with […]

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