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Getting back to the books

I have not been reading books for years. Yes I read business, productivity articles online. But I still love reading a published book once in a while. I managed to pick up some reading the the past short span of 2 months, I finished 3 short books. Although 1 of them are actually more like a collection of short stories The life changing magic of tidying up – Marie Kondo Halfway through the book, I think she’s impressive. She managed to create a business out of her OCD. Then after thinking through, it kind of makes sense. Below are 2 quotes from her book. Discard anything that doesn’t spark joy She repeated the phrase few times through the book, and asking you to feel the item. Does it spark joy in you when you and hold, think about what kind of feeling it brings you. And keeping only those made you feel joy. The question of what you want to own is actually the question of how you want to live your life Investing your first $20,000 – A collection of Singapore’s finance blogger This technically isn’t published. But I am interested in learning to invest lately. Summary. With 20K, […]

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Evening at the Esplanade

My wife’s colleague was performing down at Esplanade on a Sunday evening. She said good chance for you to practise shooting some photos. Had to runs some some errands but i rushed down to enjoy the 2nd part of the session and also squeezed in some OK shots. Some take aways. Do not be afraid to boost the ISO to above 1000 on the D3200 (or newer cameras). It should be fine, I probably should use quicker shutter speed to minimise blur (I used 1/100) All shot on D3200 with the Nikon 55-300mm.  

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August 12, 2016 by Kelvin Physical Torture 0

A Ride After a Long Time

Last week I felt bad after looking at my pudgy waist and downing 4 or 5 cans of beer in an evening. I decided to redeem myself by doing some exercise. I had to go back to the office for a short while during the holidays. So I decided to commute on my bicycle. Previously I did that on the mini velo. It took some effort. Thinking maybe it’s because of the small wheel size, it took longer and more tiring, I change to my old GT aggressor with bigger wheels and made my way to office (it’s not the wheels) but I felt faster 😀 Most of the route to office took me along the Park Connector network. i dont have to jostle for road space with cars. After I had done what I had to do in the office, I cycled into Tanjong Pagar for a gathering. This time round, my route was along the roads. It was Singapore’s National day. Traffice going into town was minimal. The legs felt wobbly and seemed like giving way when I walked down a flight of stairs. Thighs burning at end of my cycle but it sure felt good to work […]

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Walk down Clark Quay

Friday, I had arranged to rent the Nikon 17-55 f2.8 from the Camera Rental Centre, then pick my wife up from her classes. Convenient service. Pick up the day before shooting. Return the day after shooting. After picking up the lens, I had an hour to kill. What better way than walk around trying out the lens. For taking street shots, I would take the 35mm f1.8 unless one wants to build biceps.  The Niko 17-55mm f2.8 is big and heavy. Maybe I am very self conscious. I feel this make people more incline to feel “WOAH Pro photographer. Get out of the way” (I am just shooting for fun btw) The fixed f2.8 across the range will definitely be very useful for events eg. Wedding and if paired with a lower powered flash like the Nikon SB600. It gives a fairly good isolation from the back ground. Definitely a lens that is great to have. But of course, have to balance with cost. For now, I will continue renting it as I do not need to own it like now. So the cost of rental still justifies renting it.

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Packing My Rooms Are So Hard

It’s Monday. I feel blue. I don’t feel like doing anything. Still reeling from sitting in a bar with loud music till 12am and then sleeping at 3am on Saturday. I guess that’s when I say “I’m getting older”. My wife and I did some cleaning as 1. My “Name I can’t pronounce” series of Ikea table is giving way. 2. I bought a new desk in place of it My intended study room was filled with stuff. While the second bedroom was functioning as a study with that Ikea table that is giving way, and also a place for stuff. Wife took the opportunity to declutter as well since I was setting up the new table(Not Ikea) we bought a week ago. It was a very difficult session of decluttering. Very. You see. Those rooms contained Kaelyn’s soft toys, medical consummables, books, accessories. Her stuff. A year ago at this time, We barely mustered the strength to just consolidate everything into boxes and stashed everything that’s hers into any nook that we could fit. Then we just left it at that. Wife managed to plow through most of her stuff. Throwing those that should be thrown. Keeping those that […]

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