February 16, 2017 by Kelvin Inner Ramblings 0

Busy at nothing

I think I heard it on The Chase Jarvis Live Show Podcast with Elle Luna. Being busy is not success. Rather you have no priorities…Something like that or close. I think I am like this. I feel busy. But come to think of it, achieve nothing. I should make it a point to sit down, evaluate my life goals.

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December 18, 2016 by Kelvin Hobby 0

Bedok Reservoir Sunset

Had an evening to myself. I brought my camera out to work. Seeing that there was no overcast skies, I rushed off right after work to catch the golden hour. I wanted to try out Bracketing shots to be able to merge them to create a high dynamic range (HDR) photo Sharp Image from foreground to background Attempts at HDR Photo I picked the a boat docked by the reservoir as the subject and shot into the sun. I picked an exposure to correctly expose the sky. This causes the foreground to be underexposed. Setting the camera on timer mode causes the bracketing function to take all the shots automatically. The camera figures it all out and compensates the bracketed shots by adjusting the shutter speed. 1 thing i learnt from this exercise is that HDR probably will not work for long exposure. Some shots I took was about 20 seconds. A boat will move at the slightest wave. When i tried to merge, the boat was not able to be aligned. I post processed using the graduated filter in Lightroom for shots that properly exposed the sky and pushed up the exposure. So for such shots, using the graduated […]

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November 28, 2016 by Kelvin Hobby 0

BMMA Progress Concert 2016

I was privileged to have the opportunity to shoot at Beautiful Mind Music Academy (BMMA) 2016 Progress Concert last weekend. The BMMA is the music education arm of the Beautiful Mind Charity for children with special needs and the underprivileged. They aim to develop their artistic talents as professional musicians via musical training and activities. In fact this is my second time watching some of them play. I was given the opportunity to create some memories for them The first was their concert in April 2016 held at the School of The Arts (SOTA). It’s amazing to see the children overcome their disability and to play and perform on stage and they do play very well. Thank God for people with such charitable, patient and loving hearts.

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October 12, 2016 by Kelvin Gallivanting, Hobby 0

Happy Birthday my Dear

To celebrate my wife’s birthday, we had a staycation over at Sentosa. This is an opportunity to go take an additional half day off and take a breather though the Friday afternoon and weekend. We did nothing much. And it felt great! We I am such a slacker. For the first time, we tried iFly, the indoor skydive simulator. It was fun to try to float around. I didn’t get the hang of it to control my flight in my 2 dives though. We also tried out the Flow Rider at Wave House. We kept falling down. Although me thinks this is more fun for bucks compared to the iFly experience. But wife does not think so as she literally got more bangs onto the ground from the floorboard. I felt the pain when I saw her bang her head on the floor. OUCH. Neck massages with the Tiger Balm ointment for her at home for the past 2 days. I was able to learn to stay on the board for a moment after hitting the deck a few times. Grabbed some photos as we walked around Sentosa Island. The birds on this island are not skittish. So I was able to grab a this picture […]

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September 28, 2016 by Kelvin Gallivanting 0

Visit to Sungei Buloh

A Sunday afternoon without any appointments or errands to run beckons a visit to the park at the other corner of Singapore. Lately my wife and I have been keen to take walks. So why not explore places we’ve never been before. We decided to visit the Sungei Buloh Wetland reserves. My mum and sister came along too as they have never been here before too. The wetland reserves are located along Neo Tiew Crescent. Altogether the trails are about 3.5km, with the migratory bird trail almost 2km. We took the migratory bird trail first and spent about an hour there watching the birds from the hides, climbing the Aerie Tower and attempted to take some photos of the wildlife. It is a very good getaway from the city to a place where it is left as much to nature as  possible. We even had a 2m long monitor lizard in our path. The monitor lizards are huge here. I also knew that people come here to photograph birds. I brought along my camera with the 55-300mm lens to take the opportunity to try photographing birds. I learnt that 300mm don’t seem long enough Patience is required to sit at a location for hours Birds in flight are fast […]

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