January 11, 2016 by Kelvin Chan Physical Torture 0

Love the foldie

For this new year, I have been on 2 cycling outings on the foldie. On New Year’s eve, my sis, wife and me went out cycle on the East Coast Park, then on to Marina Barrage and then Gardens by the Bay, clocking at max 10km Saturday was from East Coast Park to Changi Village for dinner and back, which we clocked 25km. Both short trips and nothing to shout about. We just pack our foldies, load it up on the van, reach destination and unload. Just enjoy whatever the route has to offer. It’s a real good way of exploring a small area at a time. Also my body is suffering from muscles aches and backaches. So a non impact sport is good to get me moving. This was taken during one of the weekday ride along the Punggol Waterways. We came across a huge swing and went to sneak a play on it before making our way home.

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December 28, 2015 by Kelvin Chan Inner Ramblings 0

Cuffs of memories

I have just taken a routine medical exam. As I put on the cuffs for the BP morning. Some memories flooded my mind again. I remember you lying on the hospital bed getting your blood pressure done blood pressure done, being whiny because you dislike the nurses coming near you. We were beside you wishing all your stats will go back to baseline and you will be ok and we will all go home together. I could understand why. It meant that you were unwell enough to warrant a stay in the hospital. It meant that you had to face the strangers in the form of the nurses and doctors. Taking the BP myself reminded me of the days in hospital. Taking blood pressure was the only thing we didn’t do at home, and only did it if we are in the hospital, except for your weekly/fortnightly palliative care team checks at home. I miss you dearly. I know you hate snuggles but I wish for one more moment of snuggling with you just to smell you one more time, just to kiss you one more time. Having you was the best thing that happened to me in my life. […]

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December 20, 2015 by Kelvin Chan Physical Torture 0

2015 3 Ten Run

I haven’t took part in any runs ever since one in the late 2000s. Ever since I have been trying to run regularly but I just procrastinate too much. Realising this few months ago prompted me to go sign up for this first ever OCC 3 Ten Run, which is held at the Orchird Country Club. I found it quite unique run as non-golfing folk will rarely have the chance to walk or run in a Golf course. And it also works as a motivation to make me run more regularly. At first I was running every week with my wife and Sister, who’s coming for the run too. Then of course this is life and things happen. I fell to the flu bug for 3 weeks. Then it was my wife’s turn to fall ill for 2 weeks. After that we can’t be bothered ever. May the wind carry us. Then the run came. It was a nice cool windy evening. We flagged off in the last wave close to 7:30 in the evening. It was an undulating running course. It took a lot out from our legs. We stopped abit just to take in the scenary. Not training […]

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December 2, 2015 by Kelvin Chan Hobby 0

Water clouds the RES

Over the Sunday, I change the water of my RES turtle tank.I think I was overenthusiastic about changing the water. I had clear water in the tank on Sunday. But on Monday the water started to turn cloudy. What I learnt from the aquarium forums was that my cleaning have cleared out the good bacteria which breaks down the compound that causes the cloudiness(nitrates, ammonia etc), if accumulated is not too good for the living turtles. I resisted not doing anything about the water as this could be the case of a lack of good bacteria clearing out the nitrates. I needed to give the good bacteria time to develop and clear the mess. Could take days until up to a week. I woke up to a tank of clear water on Wednesday morning. Awesome job good bacteria. I will take a snapshot of the cloudiness next time if it happens again.

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November 15, 2015 by Kelvin Chan Gallivanting 0

Out of SG to Hong Kong Day 1

Hong Kong is a trip my wife and i have booked months ago. It was just in time as a birthday trip for her. We just booked tickets and accommodations months ago. No concrete itinerary. This was going to be my first trip with just the 2 of us after a long time. But still I don’t make plans. I just name the possible places of interest and that’s it. Where we go and when will depend on the weather and mood at that time. Our, or rather, my plan is just go there and #lookseelooksee. Eat when hungry. Drink when thirsty. No schedule. No trains to catch. No ferry timing to meet. Just avoid queuing. Timing of the travel seems about right as Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia suffers from what was going to be one of the more prolong haze season from forest burning in Indonesia. We can escape from the haze, I thought to myself. The flight was uneventful. I caught Mad Max on the way to Hong Kong, and it made me want to catch the rest of the Mad Max series. Customs was uneventful. That’s what to expect when we are not smuggling anything. After clearing […]

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