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AHM 2016 walk & shoot

Incidentally shortly after I brought my D7200, it was the Army Half Marathon 2016. With the wife away for the weekend, it was a good time to give the camera a test drive. I rented the Nikon 16-80mm f2.8-4 & the Nikon 70-200mm f4 from Camera Rental Centre Why rent the f4? I thought maybe for an amateur who don’t make money from my photos, I probably don’t need the f2.8 version anytime soon. I used the 55-30mm telephoto zoom before. So I thought I will try another telephoto zoom. The autofocus on the 70-200mm f4 is miles apart, in a good way, compared to the 55-300mm. But also the price difference is a gulf apart. Anyway here goes. I reached the indoor stadium around 5ish. The 21KM race leaders have just come to this part of town. The sky is dark. I am shooting with ISO 8000-12000. Good way to test the ISO capabilities of the D7200. It was dark and under orange-yellowish lights. I had a hard time post processing the white balance. Here’s the flash running by at 8000ISO. Anything higher ISO and It looks like the images are not usable. My favourite shot of the day. […]

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Out with the old, In with the New

The new is the Nikon DSLR D7200. Well, the D7200 is already out on shelves for a year and half. So technically not that new. While I was standing in the camera shop and talking to the sales person, I was contemplating between the Olympus family of EM1 or EM5 MK II, wait longer for the Fuji XT-2, or a normal DSLR, which will be Nikon. My old is the Nikon D40, which I sold it off with the kit lens. Not sure if that was a good idea as the 18-55mm (no VR) was still of use. but anyway I sold it off as a set. I also have a Nikon 35mm f1.8 DX on hand still, which I love. Balancing between not trying to look pro (size of the camera), level of interest and of course, the size of the hole in my pocket, I went with the D7200. The mirrorless systems will make my hole in the pocket twice as large with a higher grade of lens. Of course D7200 with some better lens will cost about the same. But at least I have the 35mm now, which I can actually use a fair bit, as shown in the one-lens trip to […]

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One of those days i asked

It is one of those days where I ask myself…and anyone by my side literally, what is the meaning of life. I have never asked hard about this question. That was until I had a baby girl. My baby girl was then diagnosed with a terminal condition at 5 months old. For 3 years I watched her lying down daily, unable to sit up, move a single limb or even breath on her on. At age 3, she understood that she cannot eat like other normal kids do. She knew she can’t move like other kids do. Yet smiley and happy she was. I thought to myself? Why did she come to earth to suffer? Why? What’s the meaning of life for her? What’s the meaning of life for me. One day, I turned to my helper at home and asked her the same question. She couldn’t answer. I asked my wife. Same. No definite answer. If you are reading and looking for the meaning of life, then you can go now. For I am still questioning that. We strive and jump through willingly hoops in our life. But what do we actually want? Where do we go? What do we do? Almost a year […]

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Synonology Download manager

I love the Synology Download Manager. I was trying to download the Microsoft office for work. The fibre connection in office is slow and problematic. What was a 2.3GB file always end up as 1GB end of download in office. I didn’t even bother trying after once. I got the download link, fired up the download manager in Synology’s DSM6 I entered the URL in and it is making use of my home’s faster, more stable internet connection to finish the job

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August 29, 2016 by Kelvin Closet Cook 0

My Ramen Chashu

I have been wanting to try to cook the Chashu which usually is topped on the ramen usually served in Singapore. I just found a recipe from Serious Eats. I read but didn’t read. As you can from my steps and amount of ingredients used later on. Instructions were to roll up and tie up the pork belly. The twine does not seem to be readily available. The local wet market I got my pork from does not sell that.  I managed to get it from a kitchen hardware shop in my nearby shopping centre, a place where I doubted the possibility of getting it in the first place. I’m impressed (I’m easily impressed) After tying the pork up, you can start to preheat the oven. The recipe called for 275F oven heat. Seriously WTF is that. (Ok. It’s about 135deg Celsius) I was impatient. I set it to 150deg celcius.  The main star is a 1kg piece of pork belly.  I used the following to make the marinate to braise the pork in. Sakae (1 cup/240ml) Mirin (1 cup/240ml) Soya sauce (1 cup/240ml)  Water (1 cup/240ml) Garlic (I don’t know. A handful I used) Spring onion (scallion) I used […]

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