September 26, 2016 by Kelvin Hobby 0

AHM 2016 walk & shoot

AHM 2016 walk & shoot

Incidentally shortly after I brought my D7200, it was the Army Half Marathon 2016. With the wife away for the weekend, it was a good time to give the camera a test drive.

I rented the Nikon 16-80mm f2.8-4 & the Nikon 70-200mm f4 from Camera Rental Centre

Why rent the f4? I thought maybe for an amateur who don’t make money from my photos, I probably don’t need the f2.8 version anytime soon.

I used the 55-30mm telephoto zoom before. So I thought I will try another telephoto zoom.

The autofocus on the 70-200mm f4 is miles apart, in a good way, compared to the 55-300mm. But also the price difference is a gulf apart.

Anyway here goes. I reached the indoor stadium around 5ish. The 21KM race leaders have just come to this part of town.

The sky is dark. I am shooting with ISO 8000-12000. Good way to test the ISO capabilities of the D7200.

It was dark and under orange-yellowish lights. I had a hard time post processing the white balance.

Here’s the flash running by at 8000ISO.

Anything higher ISO and It looks like the images are not usable.

My favourite shot of the day. Awesome bearded runner from the 10KM race in ISO2000.

Kind of fun to experiment with the new toy. Shooting a marathon in the middle of the race gets monotonous after a while as there will be lots of faces that look like they need some oxygen (Some runners). I guess best place is near finishing line where more emotions will be poured out.